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We have digitized a highly effective, non-pharmacological dementia therapy to make it easily implementable for caregivers and therapists. Our goal is to increase the availability of high-quality dementia care.

Introducing: The MAKS App

Over the past few years, our team has digitized a non-pharmacological group intervention (with proven efficacy) for mild to moderate dementia. We have focused extensively on the needs and daily routines of caregivers and therapists to provide them with the best possible support for the MAKS®-m therapy.

MAKS®-m Therapy
The non-pharmacological, multimodal group dementia intervention, MAKS®, was developed by Dr. Prof. Elmar Gräßel in collaboration with the University Hospital Erlangen and has been tested in several studies. This intervention fully stabilizes the cognitive and practical everyday skills of those affected on average and noticeably alleviates emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression, as well as behavioral symptoms like restlessness, aggression, and apathy.
This concept is particularly well-suited for residential facilities, as its full effectiveness has been demonstrated with participation of 1-2 times per week for 2 hours each session. It also provides an ideal way to utilize care time effectively and beneficially in day-care centers.

Introducing the MAKS App
Our app significantly relieves and supports caregivers in the organization, planning, and execution of MAKS®, allowing more time to be spent directly with clients. MAKS® groups can be organized clearly. The severity of dementia can be preset for individuals and adjusted according to their condition on any given day. Exercises are then automatically provided at the appropriate difficulty level, ensuring no one feels under- or over-challenged.
Individual MAKS® sessions can be planned and prepared with just a few clicks. The app operates through any web browser, making it accessible from any computer, laptop, or tablet, regardless of location or time. This greatly facilitates communication and coordination among therapists.
Our app supports the consistent and thorough application of the proven concept, leading to optimal impact on the progression of dementia. This eases daily routines in facilities and enhances the work of staff through relief and visible effects.

We are a motivated team dedicated to improving dementia care. Our aim is to support the healthcare system as effectively as possible and to meet future challenges with technological solutions. We welcome anyone interested in joining us on this path!

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