In collaboration with its partners, MOIO GmbH has developed the System. The system is a digital care assistant that can be used both in an inpatient setting and at home. The heart of the system is a flat, soft and flexible sensor module: the moio. It is worn comfortably and unobtrusively on the back with special plasters or a waist band. Due to the integrated mobile phone card, the system can be used flexibly and independently of location. The sensors perceive the movements of the wearer and interpret them independently. For example, the system recognises whether the patient has fallen or moved away from a predefined area. Only when help is needed does the moio sensor module automatically connect to the moio Cloud. This in turn informs all caregivers responsible for the patient via the moio app. Incidental events and the patient’s location are thus transmitted directly to the smartphone so that help can be provided quickly.

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Jürgen Besser
Founder and CEO
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90762 Fürth

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Natalie Heckel
contactperson for pressrelated questions
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