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Based on a multidisciplinary team consisting of more than 40 employees and covering a wide range of expert fields, Oberender & Partner offers services for healthcare providers such as hospitals, industry and other service providers in the healthcare sector, for example pharmaceutical companies and start ups. With its subsidiary company EconoMedic AG, Oberender & Partner has founded an internal network that has established itself as one of the leading and nationwide multidisciplinary competence networks for hospital management in the healthcare market.


▪ Hospital strategy & implementation (future strategies, realignment, range of medical services, analyses and opinions of experts)
▪ Management & investment
▪ Mergers & acquisitions
▪ Financing of innovations & health economic evaluation

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Location Bayreuth
Friedrichstraße 20
95444 Bayreuth

Phone: +49(0)921/7454430
E-Mail: info@oberender.com

Website: https://www.oberender.com/

Location München
Elsenheimerstraße 59
80687 München

Phone: +49(0)898/2075160
Fax: +49(0)898/2075169

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