At RAUMEDIC Group, people’s health is the primary focus.
Medical-grade thermoplastic polymers and silicones are processed at five production sites in Europe and the USA.
As a polymer specialist, we serve the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry worldwide as both partner and manufacturer, developing and producing customer-specific components such as tubes, catheters and molded parts, as well as complex assemblies and systems for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. In the clinical areas of neuromonitoring and traumatology, RAUMEDIC manufactures high-precision pressure measurement systems using microchip technology, thereby making a significant contribution to safe patient care around the world.
With decades of experience in extrusion, injection molding and assembly and 1,000 employees worldwide, RAUMEDIC transforms customer ideas into mature products. Our ISO 13485 quality management system and ISO 14644 (Class 7) certified clean room production facility, totaling 10,000 square meters, are the backbone of these activities.
A worldwide sales network and our own dedicated sales companies in core markets, customers in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors as well as end users in hospitals and medical practices are guaranteed consistently high levels of product availability.

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Hermann-Staudinger-Straße 2
95233 Helmbrechts

Telefon: 09252-359-0

E-Mail: contact@raumedic.com



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