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Our company – Wearable Solutions GmbH – specializes in the field of Smart Textiles. Our core competences lie in the areas of medicine, automotive, workwear, sports/leisure and outdoor.

Together with our specialized group company – Starringer Bekleidung GmbH -, we are able to map the entire production chain. This is where professional prototypes are created, the development of materials up to the textile surface and, ultimately, a ready-made and ready-to-sell series. This network enables us to create technologically highly qualified developments, solutions and end products.

Interdisciplinary thinking and working on projects of the future is our strength. Expertise from a wide range of fields enables us to bring together things that at first glance do not seem to belong together. This is how we define, think and interpret interdisciplinary engineering.

People in prevention, as patients and not last, but not least as employees, with all their needs and daily demands, are always at the centre of our thinking and acting. We pair design with technology and our technical textiles, with traditional and entirely new materials. In this way, we create new dimensions and solutions in research, development and production with the highest level of innovation and user acceptance.

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Wearable Solutions GmbH
Am Zacherkeller 2
86529 Schrobenhausen
Phone: +49-8252-889144
E-Mail: info@wearable-solutions.de

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