Out now! Medical Valley Academy

We have news for our Medical Valley community! We are very excited to announce today’s launch of our brand-new Medical Valley Academy! ­čô»

Medical Valley Academy concentrates the expertise of healthcare professionals from the Medical Valley network to offer insightful and innovative knowledge transfer that helps you to realize your healthcare innovation and lead it to success.

The Academy provides state-of-the-art seminars in the area of:
­čĺí Fundamental Know-how – German Market
­čĺí Financing & Investment
­čĺí Approval & Regulatory Affairs
­čĺí Reimbursement
­čĺí Marketing & Sales

­čĹë Check out the Academy website

Step by step we’ll present to you seminars powered by members of our network.
­čĹë­čĆ╗ Check out our seminar by Summary Seven.

­čĹë­čĆ┐ Check out our seminar by Medical Valley Digital Health Application Center.



Logo Medical Valley Academy

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