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Thaumatec HealthTech Academy: Fostering innovation in HealthTech

In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, bridging the gap between academia, healthcare specialists, and the tech community is essential for driving innovation and advancing solutions that can revolutionize the industry. Recognizing this need, the Thaumatec HealthTech Academy emerges as a beacon of collaboration and growth within the Thaumatec Tech Group.

Exploring the Thaumatec HealthTech Academy

The Thaumatec HealthTech Academy is, besides of Thaumatec HealthTech Innovations Services and the Thaumatec HealthTech Start-ups, one of the 3 Business Units of the Thaumatec Tech Group. One of the flagships of the Academy is the 2-months summer Healthtech Talent program. During this program, talents from the technical and medical universities are matched with promising, international HealthTech start-ups to boost the development of its HealthTech solutions. And all under the professional guidance and supervision of the HealthTech experts of Thaumatec.The goal of the Thaumatec HealthTech Academy is to bridge the gap between the healthcare specialists, the universities, and the tech community.

Looking back and moving forward: highlights and anticipations

Thaumatec’s talent program drew a lot of attention, with 100 applications from various universities. After thorough interviews, they selected 21 skilled individuals, from developers to AI enthusiasts. On the start-up side, they picked four outstanding international start-ups from Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA. The program began with an onboarding week, introducing the talents to Thaumatec and aligning them with start-up projects. The following week, everyone joined forces and even enjoyed a weekend getaway to Thaumatec’s mountain cabin, complete with workshops and hiking. For Summer 2024, they are launching a new talent program with EUR 200,000 in Thaumatec credits up for grabs. They’ll be choosing start-ups soon, alongside their partners and their accelerator programs.

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Benefits: unlocking opportunities for young talents and start-ups

Young talents in the program can get real-world experience by working on important health projects, learning from experts, and teaming up with global startups. It’s a chance to learn, network, and maybe even get a longer-term job placement afterwards. Startups, on the other hand, get seven weeks of free coding and testing, help from professional developers in shaping their first product, and a close look at how to run a team that’s spread out over different places. Plus, they get all the tech tools they need to get the job done.

Keys to success: strategies for excellence

This summer talent program succeeded because they focused on straightforward strategies. The group provided each team with a company mentor for guidance. Their clear communication with startups ensured everyone had the same expectations. They set practical goals to give the team a sense of achievement. Solid support from both Thaumatec and the startup partners was crucial for a good working environment. Finally, starting off with a detailed onboarding process and staying organized while emphasizing continuous improvement were key to their success.


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