Global „REACH“: Strategies and Tools for Chemical Compliance

    • Di 15. Nov 2022 – Mi 16. Nov 2022

      • 0:00
      • Medical Valley Center Forchheim
        Äußere Nürnberger Straße 62
        91301 Forchheim

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Date(s) - Di 15. Nov 2022 - Mi 16. Nov 2022

Medical Valley Center Forchheim

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In November, Yordas GmbH offers an in-person workshop at the Medical Valley Center in Forchheim for the first time. It will provide essential tips and tricks to place your products on the market globally.

There are big challenges facing those responsible for chemical regulatory compliance. An expansion of the number and diversity of REACH-like regulations, competing deadlines, as well as changes in company structure, supply chains and the geopolitical landscape make it ever-more important to stay on top of regulatory changes.

This course will use the key principles of an Integrated Management System (Management of change & the PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT model) to help equip you and your organization to implement continual improvement and manage your compliance obligations.

In addition to exploring how to take a proactive and integrated approach to chemical compliance, the course provides practical information on REACH-like regulations (including the EU, UK, India, Korea, Turkey, China, South-East Asia, the US and Canada). The workshop will also cover tools and resources to increase efficiencies.

Click here for more information on the REACH workshop.

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