Health X Insurance – H+ Digital Health Showcase

2020 was – and still is – a year of tremendous challenges. Challenges hardly anyone expected to face in a lifetime. But hopefully, we will also remember 2020 as a year that brought groundbreaking solutions in the fields that really matter – like health.

Changing regulations such as the Digital Healthcare Act in Germany, have both doctors and patients abandoning their reservations towards using digital tools and funding in digital health is on track for a record year.

Inherently, healthcare and insurance go hand in hand – which is why we combined the expertise of the InsurTech Hub Munich and the Medical Valley Nurnberg/Erlangen to embark on a three-month journey with 40 international startups: the H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme – designed to support the most ambitious shakers grow their business and get a foot in the door with insurance and health players.

On 26 November, we invite you to join us as we bring together various perspectives and players of the insurance and healthcare world. Expect handpicked speakers and panellists, for unique insights, and deep, at times controversial discussion. Most importantly, we are proud to showcase our top 15 H+ startups and their take on what the future of Digital Health will look like.

Speakers will be announced soon – stay tuned and make sure to secure a free ticket now!

This event will be an online event. Streaming link will be sent out 3 days before the event. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Lisa Lang (

Can’t wait to see you there!

H+ Team

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