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We help SME as well as large enterprises to design and realize the development of healthcare innovations ideally, and therefore shorten time-to-market effectively.

We are directly connected with partners in industry, research, health care and politics. We can provide you suitable contacts and, if desired, accompany cooperation dialogues.

We initiate, coordinate and moderate high-caliber innovation projects around your ideas with interfaces to business, science, healthcare and politics. One example is the coordination of the d.hip (digital health innovation platform).

For you, we scout for the right funding programs at state, federal and EU level. Since 2010, we have raised more than 150 million € in funding for our partners. An overview of current tenders can be found here.
We increase the visibility of your company in the network – a multiplicator that has a positive effect on financing, networking and knowledge transfer. To this end, we are also happy to promote your events, workshops or symposia and provide public relations support.
We organize workshops for you on topics that move you. These can be workshops on technologies, service concepts or supply processes. In the last few years, for example, we have held hackathons on topics such as homecare or clinical data management.

To successfully launch your medical device on the market, a precise and accurate planning of certification strategies is indispensable. We will provide guidance to help you find the right person for the certification of your product. Moreover, we also can help you with transferring reimbursement costs. We are affiliated with numerous public and private health insurance companies in Germany and offer unique medical, technical and health economic validation possibilities with our dmac (Digital Health Application Center).

Are you looking for a way to find access to international markets for your product? We make sure that you don’t have to go down this road alone by determining potential markets in advance and making the relevant basic conditions transparent. Market analysis, conception of admission strategies and delegation visits help you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the target country. If you, as a foreign company, are interested in entering the German market, we are also there to assist you. We can provide you with essential information about the German market and the healthcare system and work out the optimal soft-landing plan together with you.


Yvonne Dauer

Public Relations