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The Medical Technology and Environmental Technology Cluster together with the ZD.B topic platform Digital Production and Engineering of the Bavarian State are carrying out the cross-cluster project MeDiCircle (Circular & Digital MedTech).

The healthcare industry is responsible for 4.4% of global CO2 emissions. In Germany, the share is as high as 5.2 % of total emissions with 57.5 Mt CO2 equivalents per year, which are generated especially by production, transport, disposal of goods and services. In Bavaria alone, 20% of all medical technology from Germany is produced by over 1,000 companies and over 80,000 employees.

How can the medical technology or healthcare industry succeed in achieving the climate targets and transforming the value chain? The principle of the circular economy can make a decisive contribution here.

  • Survey of the regulatory framework and scientific findings at the interface between the circular economy and medical technology
  • Survey in clinics, in the medical technology sector and among disposers / recyclers
  • Derivation of recommendations for action for the Circular Economy in medical technology
  • Round Table and Partnering

The goal of the cross-cluster project MeDiCircle is to identify the hurdles to be overcome and the measures to be introduced that are necessary for the transformation of the Bavarian healthcare industry into a true circular economy. Furthermore, innovation spaces for circular business models in Bavarian medical technology are to be opened up through the increased use of digitalization.

Read the MeDiCircle brochure for the results of the project and exciting prospects.


Responsible for the project

Marco Wendel

Managing Director 

Project participants