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Healthcare is one of the most exciting and sustainable fields for investments worldwide. We offer investors a wide range of opportunities to get in touch with startups and growth companies and to get to know interesting investment opportunities.

We are involved in numerous startup programs at a Federal- and EU level. One example is the European Health Catapult. Through these we cooperate with more than 200 start-ups every year.

Through our grown network of knowledge transfer we can contribute to evaluation and due dilligence, e.g. in the field of medical use, the process of CE-certification or reimbursement. We can also establish connections to users for potential testimonials.

Together with our partner Aescuvest, a leading digital VC in the field of healthcare, we have started the 10x Health Investment Club. It offers club-members exclusive access to pre-selected European healthcare start-ups that have already undergone due dilligence evaluation. Furthermore, club members have the chance to invest at preferential terms. If you are interested, please get in touch!

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