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TEAM-X („Trusted Ecosystem of Applied Medical Data EXchange“) develops technical solutions such as the cloud-edge approach of the TEAM-X data ecosystem and explores ethical, legal and social implications. The data is used to improve prevention, predication, personalization and participation in care.

  • Project activities within the work packages
  • Monitoring, evaluation, innovation and transfer into a sustainable ecosystem (WP5)
  • Project management, communication, transfer of findings to Gaia-X (WP6)
  • Project marketing (events, press relations)
  • Development of business models
  • Implementation of the Digital Responsibility
  • Goals with regard to sensitive medical data

Establish a protected and trusted digital data ecosystem based on the Gaia-X infrastructure to develop data-driven business models, products and services as the basis for future-oriented healthcare.

Responsible for the project

Anna Goldsworthy

Contact Person

Tobias Zobel

Contact Person

Lukas Carl

Project Management

Yvonne Dauer

Marketing & PR

Project participants