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EDIH DigiCare

The EDIH-DigiCare project is part of a Europe-wide network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) established by the EU Commission. In cooperation with the partners Medical Valley EMN e. V. and Bayern Innovativ Gesundheit, this project aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and healthcare providers in their digital transformation. Through a variety of services, targeted assistance and resources are provided to overcome digital challenges and make the best possible use of the potential of digitalization in the healthcare sector.

  • Determination of the digital maturity level of SMEs and healthcare providers
  • Conducting reimbursement readiness checks and regulatory readiness checks
  • Access to test environments and test platforms
  • Reducing time-to-market of products and services
  • Increasing the resilience of startups
  • Networking of healthcare providers and SMEs
  • Fostering transdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation
  • Solving real-world challenges through Open Innovation Challenges
  • Advising on R&D funding and investments
  • Training and competence development within the framework of the DigiCare Academy
  • Expansion of networking and digital interaction through events
  • Implementation of a trend and technology radar
  • Establishment of a competence network MDR & IVDR
  • Support in the acquisition of digital natives

On one hand, it is intended to make startups and SMEs more resilient to the upcoming financing challenges in the healthcare sector: The EDIH DigiCare project provides them with access to appropriate financing options to strengthen the financial stability and growth opportunities of SMEs and startups.

On the other hand, EDIH DigiCare aims to support and promote the implementation of innovative patient-centric solutions in healthcare: By integrating innovative technologies, the EDIH DigiCare project strives to make the healthcare system more efficient and user-friendly, both for patients and healthcare professionals.

Additionally, the focus is on improving the digital literacy of employees in SMEs and healthcare organizations. Through targeted offerings, necessary digital skills can be acquired for an increasing digital working world in the healthcare sector.

EDIH-DigiCare acts as a central point of contact that helps startups, SMEs, and public organizations in the healthcare sector to respond to digital challenges and sustainably improve their competitiveness.

Responsible for the project

Marco Wendel

Managing Director, Reporting

Anna Goldsworthy

Project Coordinator 

Sava Savchev

Project Management 

Timm Ehbauer

Project Management

Yvonne Dauer

Marketing & PR

Project participants