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2be_die markenmacher GmbH

2be uses powerful design capabilities that are embedded in its brand strategy to develop brand personalities and enables them to be successful.

Logo A.R.C. Laser

A.R.C. Laser GmbH

A.R.C. Laser GmbH develops, produces and sells medical laser technology. 35 years of experience stand for innovation and reliability.

Logo acad group

acad group GmbH

Innovative housing solutions for the medical field: cost efficient solutions, high quality and a functional, innovative design.

Active Key GmbH

Active Key ist ein führender Anbieter von Hygiene-Tastaturen und PC-Mäusen für hygienesensible Bereiche.


ADVANOVA develops and markets the first mobile completely electronic patient chart VMobil.


AimValley is a world-class engineering and innovation center that designs and builds connectivity solutions.
Our telecom background creates a perfect crossover to the HealthTech sector, where we have been establishing our footprint since 2017. We develop innovative connectivity solutions for medical device manufacturers. AimValley strongly focuses on the HealthTech sector, with a primary focus on the German market.

We are technology experts in the areas of;
• high-speed connectivity (high-speed Ethernet, switching and networking protocols),
• medical device interoperability,
• accelerated edge computing,
• data stream security and optimized communications.
We work with leading health solution manufacturing companies to build products that work better, faster, and smarter.

• SDC (Service-oriented Device Connectivity) – medical device interoperability – integration services
• Patient monitors – that need to connect to various Ethernet ports and rates
• Video probes – that need optimized variable power supplies, illumination, laser control, image capture and remote connections
• Imaging machines – to compress, encrypt and transfer huge image capture files and real-time imaging for remote control, evaluation, storage, and sharing.

We accelerate time-to-market for medical device innovations by applying our cross-market expertise.

We are based in Hilversum, with colleagues in Canada, India and Fance. We started in 2003 as a spin-off from Lucent Technologies, which is why we have a strong background in telecommunication solutions and have built up vast expertise in real-time processor technology.

Product development entails the preparation of requirements documents, specifications of system architecture, electronic development (board design, system certification, mechanical design), FPGA/ASIC & software development, system verification, and product/factory introduction. AimValley uses FPGAs to process high-speed transmission functions. Real-time requirements are key in our software development. Our design & development is done in-house.

Our business is about people and our teams are dynamic, skilled and passionate about technology.
Recruiting and training the right talent is an essential part of the AimValley DNA. We have over 95 employees of which 75% work as design expert in the R&D organization. All R&D employees have a college or university-level education.

Logo Allistro


We are an Investment Partnership focused on the chemicals, plastics/plastics technology, healthcare technology and security industries.

ALPO Medizintechnik GmbH

Development and production of plastic medical disposables with clean room production, specialised on customised product solutions.