Integrated Systems in Medical Technologies

Medical technology is one of Germany’s most important economic sectors, with the aim of improving patient care and increasing the patients’ quality of life. It  is a fast-growing field, with constant new developments and innovations.

The ISMT conference on medical technologies is intended to be an annual event providing an opportunity to showcase and highlight these advancements. The conference will be held on September 14-15, in Erlangen for the first time.

These are the topics you can expect:

  • Actuators and sensors
  • Integrated systems
  • Interaction and communication

Submit your contribution by May 26!
Experts of industry and science are invited to present a contribution on the topics listed or other topics that correspond to the general subject of the conference. Submissions should be made in the form of full papers that have a length of 4-6 pages including illustrations and references.

You can find more information about the conference here.


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