OncoVariant automates the drug search for oncologists

Waldsassen – BioVariance has finished the development of the platform “OncoVariant” for the interpretation of genetic variants in cancer patients. Thereby, the crucial search for suitable drugs is simplified and accelerated significantly.

Using OncoVariant, the oncologist is able to find the best and personalized therapy for each patient way faster than before.”   [Dr. Josef Scheiber, Founder and CEO of BioVariance]

Nowadays, the manual search for the optimal medication is still a labor-intensive and time-consuming process for oncologists. Every patient and tumor shows different reactions to drugs due to individual genetic conditions. At the same time, the amount of data the physician has to examine has grown exponentially in the last years, resulting in a higher expenditure of time and work.

At this point, BioVariance offers state-of-the-art automatization and parallelization techniques: The web-based and user-friendly application OncoVariant enables the oncologist to consult the worldwide existing literature for the selection of the optimal treatment. All publicly available databases containing information about gene-drug correlations are included in the query. Patient’s genetic variations are automatically compared to the profound knowledge in these databases to identify individual treatment options.

The oncologist receives a final report with a summary of all information found by OncoVariant. This report shows which genetic variants have to be considered for the treatment of the cancer patient and which medication promises the greatest success for this patient.


Contact person
Helen Rießbeck | Sales and Distribution
E-Mail: helen.riessbeck@biovariance.com
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