Market Access

China is the world’s 2nd largest economy and 2nd largest healthcare market. It has a unique business culture, which is why the market potential is huge. Since 2013 we have been actively supporting companies in entering the Chinese market, focusing on:

We are offering various training workshops centred around China Landings.

Additionally, we have pre-recorded sessions with our partners featuring the most important topics.

Have a look at our video content.

Since 2017 we have been arranging special tours for medical technology companies, enabling them to meet a wide variety of stakeholders in different regions and to find the right partners for their market entry in China.

Together with our member Convergence Partners we set up a structure to support you in starting your operations and finding smart funding to finance your visions.

We are partnering with different regions and incubators all over China. Together with our partners we will find the ideal location for you to start your operations and profit from potential regional public funding.
If you are not (yet) interested in entering the Chinese market on your own, our dedicated network of partners specialized in medical device licensing can help you to introduce your product to the Chinese market.
We are offering a modular support program that focuses on China specific market access support in:

Market analysis

Key contacts

Go to market strategy

Go to market execution


Funding acquisition

Pathway to certification

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