Bio-Gate AG specialises in antimicrobial solutions for medical, consumer and industrial products.

Bio-Gate AG specialises in antimicrobial solutions for medical, consumer and industrial products and testing of the antimicrobial efficacy.

In addition Bio-Gate AG offers extensive support for application engineering. Products include the HyProtect™ technology, an antimicrobial silver-containing plasma coating for implants. This plasma coating features a very thin strong layer with long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy. A second product is MicroSilver BG™, a silver powder made of highly porous particles that is used for wound treatment, in bone cement or in consumer and industry products like cosmetics, polymers and varnishes.

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Thomas Konradt
Neumeyerstraße 28–34
90411 Nürnberg

Telefon: +49-911-597 248 329




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