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Breathment is a web-based software for both health professionals and their patients, that digitizes pulmonary
rehabilitation under the professionals’ control. It guides patients on how to perform correct breathing and physical
exercises while monitoring and giving instant feedback to them through its AI-technology, and share the results
with their responsible health professionals.
At the same time, patients also have an interface to track exercise plans, create daily to-do’s and fill surveys. This
gives you a data-driven tool to optimize and control treatment based on the patients’ individual needs without
being physically present.Our goal is to enable health professionals to provide seamless digital treatment of respiratory diseases and offer
their patients continuous, data-driven care from anywhere without being physically present. Therefore,
Breathment’s business model is B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Customers such as physiotherapy practices,
rehabilitation centers and hospitals can use and offer Breathment to their patients through various usage-based
pricing models.

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