Breathment UG

Breathment offers digital chronic respiratory care with its CE-certified digital therapy platform that combines an AI-powered therapy app for patients with a remote patient monitoring software for health professionals.

Breathment’s blended care approach, combining a mobile patient app with remote patient monitoring and videotherapy, enables digital discharge management, personalized treatment plans, preventive and rehabilitative care, and data-driven treatment optimization.

With its AI-based motion and breathing detection technology, Breathment ensures effective exercise and respiratory training without the presence of a healthcare professional or additional hardware, using only a mobile device with a camera.
In this way Breathment enables:
• Continuous, adaptive and professional care tailored to the patient’s needs
• Direct and indirect cost savings through early detection of exacerbations, hospitalisation, avoidance of overuse, underuse and misuse
• Improved treatment outcomes through improved communication and patient engagement

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Baturay Yalvaç
Mobil: +4917680839544

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