Fink Numrich Patentanwälte PartmbB

The patent attorneys for medium-sized companies.

Fink Numrich are patent attorneys in Erlangen and Munich with a clear focus on patent-active small and medium-sized companies. These clients benefit most from the expertise and experience gained by the firm’s partners who have handled well over 2,000 patent applications over the past 20 years.

Fink Numrich offers these companies a full range of patent services by perfectly combining the partners’ personal and practical expertise as patent professionals in industrial patent departments with their long-time experience as strategic business consultants to medium-sized companies.

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Fink Numrich Patentanwälte PartmbB
Stefan D. Fink und Harald Numrich
Henkestraße 91
91052 Erlangen

Phone: +49(0)9131/9402840
Fax: +49(0)9131/9402841


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