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In 2005, about 67 family practices and medical specialist practices with 125 doctors joined together to establish the QuE eG in the North/East of Nuremberg.
All the latest results and developments in the Health Network QuE Nuremberg are documented in our annual QuE quality report. You can find the reports on our homepage at www.gesundheitsnetznuernberg.de.

Your Contact Person(s)

Jörg Lindenthal
Gesundheitsnetz QuE
Vogelsgarten 1
90402 Nürnberg

Telefon: +49-911-956 632 80





Lindenthal, J., Wambach, V. (2013): Gesundheitsnetz QuE Nürnberg – Entwicklungsstand und Ergebnisse, in: Handbuch Integrierte Versorgung; medhochzwei, Heidelberg

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