GWQ ServicePlus AG

GWQ ServicePlus AG is a service company founded by company health insurance funds and represents over 78 shareholder and customer health insurance funds with more than 22 million insured persons. The company’s objective is to increase the quality, performance and efficiency of statutory health insurance funds.
GWQ’s range of services includes the purchase and procurement of medicines and medical aids, the development of care management services on a national and regional level, comprehensive support in the implementation of selective contracts as well as services in the field of information, data management and analytics.
In order to continue to make high-performance offers for health insurance funds and insured persons future-proof and attractive, GWQ also relies on quality-assured, innovative, digital health solutions to expand its product portfolio.

Your Contact Person(s)

GWQ ServicePlus AG
Ria-Thiele-Straße 2a
40549 Düsseldorf

Anita Guth
Leiterin Region Süd
Phone: +49(0)89/203585631


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