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Hofmann CNC – the technology center for highest precision. Our products prove highest economic efficiency and future-proofness. We are a technology partner for suppliers and manufacturers in the fields of medical technology, aerospace technology and electrical engineering.

Hofmann CNC is an expert for tungsten and titanium machining in medical technology.

As a certified supplier of medical technology, we specialize in the production of the most demanding components with a high level of documentation. Hofmann develops products and manufacturing processes in direct cooperation with medical professionals and medical equipment manufacturers. In absolute precision and with the highest technical standards.

The competence to machine tungsten professionally and accurately.
Hofmann CNC has an excellent understanding of materials and processes for the production of medical radiation protection components made of tungsten.

The highest CNC perfection for manufacturers of medical technology products.
We have outstanding knowledge for manufacturing excellent medical CNC products. Our experience in titanium machining ensures real competitive advantages for manufacturers in the medical technology sector. Working with Hofmann CNC ensures the highest quality and efficiency.

Excellent CNC products made of titanium.
Hofmann CNC manufactures titanium implants for leading medical technology companies. We conduct research in the field of difficult-to-machine materials for medical technology. Our expertise is trusted by manufacturers, scientists and universities.

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Hofmann GmbH
Haidhof | Gewerbegebiet 1
91322 Gräfenberg

Phone: +49(0)9197/626600
E-Mail: info@hofmann-cnc.com

Website: www.hofmann-cnc.com

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