ICterra Information und Kommunikation Technologien GmbH

ICterra is a committed software engineering company with a Siemens legacy providing software solutions and services for Safety, Mission and Business Critical domains such as Medical & Healthcare, Avionics, Telecommunication and Energy since 1991.

With offices in Turkey, Germany and UK, ICterra has 200+ software developers of global quality and expertise confirmed by international customers (Siemens, Atos, Unify, Wacom, etc.) and necessary industry standards such as CMMI, ISO 9001, ISO 27001.

Serving various industries, ICterra has the chance to apply best-practices observed in one industry to other industries through horizontal skills (such as Embedded Software Development, Independent Verification& Validation and Cyber Security) and methodologies and processes (such as V-Model or Agile practices).

Working with distributed teams for more than 25 years, ICterra has been continuously evaluating and improving its organizational structure, processes, tools, and approach to create maximum value add to its partners while reducing the remote management overhead for them.

Specific to Healthcare and Medical Technology domains, ICterra offers;
• Profound expertise in medical device development (X-Ray, defibrillator, etc.) in Radiology, Cardiology and ICU sub-domains
• Medical interoperability (DICOM, IHE, HL7)
• AI-based signal / image processing and diagnosis support algorithms
• Customizable platforms for interoperable, secure and connected Tele-medicine infrastructures
• Hardening of existing solutions in terms of security

As a Bavarian company, ICterra is a proud member of Medical Valley and BavAIRia and always looking forward to cooperating and collaborating with the other members of the ecosystem.

For more information, please see www.icterra.com

Your Contact Person(s)

ICterra GmbH
Özlem Şahin Gök
Parkstadt Schwabing
Marcel-Breuer-Str. 15, 1st floor
80807 Munich, Germany

Tel: +49 0 89 / 59 08 – 1255
E-mail: ozlem.sahingok@icterra.com
Website: www.icterra.com

Relationships with other organizations



• AI ZU DEMOKRATIZE HEALTHCARE: https://www.icterra.com/ai-to-democratize-healthcare-health-and-medical-sw/
• AUF DEM WEG ZUR ENTWICKLUNG MEDIZINISCHER SOFTWARE: https://www.icterra.com/on-the-road-to-medical-device-software-development/
• WRAPPING A SOLID SHELL AROUND: AVOIDING SOFTWARE BECOMING A NIGHTMARE : https://www.icterra.com/wrapping-a-solid-shell-around-avoiding-software-becoming-a-nightmare/
• CYBER KILL CHAIN-MODELL ZU VERSTEHEN, UM FORTGESCHRITTENE PERSISTENTE BEDROHUNGEN ZU STOPPEN: https://www.icterra.com/understanding-cyber-kill-chain-model-to-stop-advanced-persistent-threats/

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