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inspiring-health GmbH is committed to solutions within the healthcare industry that target ideal synergies between medicine and economy. We support diagnostic, medical technology and pharmaceutical companies in introducing their innovations into the German healthcare market and into the German reimbursement system.

For Medical Device Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies
Market Access One thing is common to all innovative products: A well-structured, professional market entry is essential to commercial success! In each country there are different reimbursement scenarios and special regulatory requirements to take into account for the market entry strategy. We guide you through the complete launch process with many years of experience behind us within the German-speaking/European medical market.
Clinical-Economic Research What is the relationship between the introduction of new clinical products and their respective economic impact? Clinical economic research compares clinical benefits and economic effects. This research aims to answer questions such as: Is there an economic savings with the introduction of this product, or will we encounter higher costs but a more optimal treatment. How would the current reimbursement system cover this product?
Depending on where your product is in its life cycle, it is very important to carry out the appropriate investigations in order to ensure that your product can successfully exist in the market.
The results of our research provide you with the necessary data to create the best strategy in introducing your product to the market.
Sales Support For a successful introduction of innovative products into Germany and other European countries, a clear benefit for the patient is not enough. It is just as important the manufacturer’s management and sales team have a solid understanding of the national reimbursement system. We support your sales team by offering insight into the national reimbursement and regulatory systems. Additionally, we train your representatives in how to deal with hospital management and their medical controlling. Your sales staff should be able to assess legislative changes and their impact. We organize meetings for your sales team with key opinion leaders (KOL), medical societies and other physicians. Furthermore, we act as a moderator between you and clinicians emphasizing the importance of the reimbursement system and its impact on new products.

For Associations and Scientific Societies
In Germany, there are a number of associations and medical societies, who work as scientists and researchers in their respective field of medicine. They organize professional annual meetings and conventions, offer CME (continuous medical education) and publish studies and guidelines. In addition, however, they also take part in the political discourse, some of which may impact your respective product and your field of medicine. Throughout the history of our company we have been in regular collaboration and cooperation with many of them.
One of the ways we support your work is connecting you with the right people in these associations and societies. For example: in the process of establishing innovative methods the societies play an important role, as some of the applications (e.g. to DIMDI) can only be facilitated through them.
In our domestic business, we have a number of projects where we directly collaborate with these societies. Therefore, we are well acquainted with the key opinion leaders within these associations and societies.

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