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We enable hospitals to secure revenue as early as possible when admitting patients.


As data experts and transformation accelerators in the healthcare sector, we understand very well how to use the advantages of AI and data science to benefit our customers. The focus of our work is on digitalized and automated processes, which make it significantly easier for both the user and the person concerned. Our product “BILLAIBLE” is aimed at the process of choosing the form of care, which is determined when the patient is accepted.

In this step, a very complex process takes place that poses major challenges for everyone involved (e.g. patient admission as an inpatient/outpatient or the ability to bill services). BILLAIBLE offers hospitals the opportunity to holistically check when a patient is admitted whether the patient should be treated as an inpatient or an outpatient based on an initial diagnosis by a doctor. To do this, we link data assets from different categories that are already available in the hospital, but have previously all been viewed separately from each other or viewed at different times.

We pay particular attention to data protection and EU AI Act compliance. Both are given in our solution. This allows hospitals to make high-quality decisions at a critical point for them, patient admission, which is reflected in an increase in billability.

Your Contact Person(s)

Philipp Gellert

Straubinger Straße 19

94363 Oberschneiding

Mobil: +49 175 41 27 269

E-Mail: office@i-vivid.com 

Website: https://i-vivid.com/  

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