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LA2 GmbH, based in Erlangen, Germany, has been developing business applications for its customers in the healthcare, energy and university sectors, including in the regulated environment, since 1999.
LA2 supports its customers not only during implementation, but also with regard to requirements elicitation, project management and issues in the regulated environment (computer system validation / process validation).
Products and Services
DOQ-MES Medical Technology – Browser-based eDHR software for digital mapping of GxP-relevant documentation processes
UNI 4.0 – Software products for university-internal administrative processes, procedures and structures
• FDA-compliant web applications incl. validation
• FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / EU GMP Annex 11 workshops, consulting, certification (see consulting in regulated environment)

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Marc Holfelder
LA2 GmbH
Apothekergasse 2
91054 Erlangen

Phone: +49(0)9131/6149201


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Schmidt IT GmbH

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