LAM-X a.s.

LAM-X seeks to eradicate infections in healthcare by preventing bacterial contamination using nanofiber textiles capable of eliminating bacteria when activated with harmless visible light. Our nanofiber textiles can be combined with different products to enhance existing solutions into potent antimicrobial products.

Our mission is to combine our antimicrobial technology with different medical devices and help keep as many patients as possible free from infections. In 5 years we want our technology to stand side by side with other current standards and be recognized as an effective antimicrobial solution that doesn’t carry the risk of creating antimicrobial resistance.

Currently LAM-X offers two antimicrobial nanofiber textiles ready to be combined integrated into our partners’ product. The nanofiber textiles act as a passive barrier trapping microbes and then eliminates them when activated by light in just 5 min. The process of activation can be repeated as many times as needed. Such nanofiber textile can be applied in various product for healthcare (E.g: wound dressing, incise drapes, Intravenous catheter dressing, air/water purification, more). LAM01 represents our biodegradable option with very high efficiency in eliminating pathogens. LAM02 uses synthetic polymers which make the textile very thin (low density) and  flexible, all while maintaining its excellent abilities to trap and kill microbes upon light activation.

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Contact: Roberto Fernandez Alvarez

LAM-X a.s.
Petrská 1180/3
PRAGUE 1 CZ 11000

Phone: +420 777 861 480



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