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medi’s products and care concepts make it one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids and appliances. Around 3,000 employees world-wide make a major contribution to people feeling better. The product range includes medical compression stockings, adjustable compression systems, supports, orthoses, thrombosis prophylaxis stockings, compression garments and shoe insoles. Furthermore, over 70 years’ experience in the field of compression technology have been channelled into the development of the sports and fashion product brands CEP und ITEM m6. With its world-wide network of distributors and own branch offices, the company delivers to over 90 countries all over the world.

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Miriam Schmitt
Unternehmenssprecherin – Leitung Unternehmenskommunikation Medical
Medicusstraße 1
95448 Bayreuth

Phone: +49(0)921/9121394


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