Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) Amberg-Weiden: Studiengang Medizintechnik

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Applied Technical University has been founded in 1994, and is today with 4.100 students and 116 professors in Bavaria as well as internationally oriented.


The East Bavarian Technical University Amberg-Weiden has two locations in the cities Amberg and Weiden in the Upper Palatinate region in Bavaria. Both towns have around 43.000 inhabitants. The university has a large number of regional, national and international partnerships. The portfolio of 28 Bachelor courses (including programs in English) and 26 Master courses is closely coordinated with companies and thus the job market. This also ensures that the degree programs reflect the state of knowledge. Research, development and transfer are located in all faculties, three Technology Transfer Center and a StartUp-Center.

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Health in Weiden focuses on Digital Healthcare Management, Medicine Technology, Digital Technology and Management, Physician Assistance and International Management. The Weiden Business School has an emphasis on Digital Business, International Business, Logistics, Economic Psychology and Sustainability.

The Department of Electrical Engineering, Media and Informatics in Amberg is focusing on the trends of Digitization, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence, right up to Geoinformatics and Land Management. In the Department of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, the subjects of Environmental Technology, Process Engineering, Mechatronics and Motorsport Engineering, including Innovation-focused Engineering.

Your Contact Person(s)

Prof. Dr. Steffen Hamm
Hetzenrichter Weg 15
92637 Weiden

Phone: +49 961 382 1625
E-Mail: s.hamm@oth-aw.de

Website: http://www.oth-aw.de/Medizintechnik

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