Praxisnetz Nürnberg Süd (PNS) e. V.

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PNS is a network of 213 medical practitioners working in about 150 private practices of all different medical specialist fields that runs its own companies to support provided health care services.
This network improves the infrastructure of medical care services by supporting the private practices. At the moment, 43 different treatment methods are made available to the medical practices. These treatment methods are national recommendations which the medical practices adapt to regional requirements. Several medical insurance companies have concluded a medical care contract with PNS. An electronic network supports the medical practices with patient-related treatment recommendations and a shared electronic case file. An on-call duty practice in the Nürnberg Nord hospital provides outpatients with medical out-of-hours care.

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Birgitt Heinrich
Nibelungenstraße 19
90461 Nürnberg

Phone: +49(0)911/8151622


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