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For over 15 years, the laboratory QualityLabs is known for its expertise in the fields of microbiology, medical technology and laboratory analytics. We specialize in testing antimicrobial or anti-adhesive properties of a wide variety of products. For this purpose, we have a broad portfolio of established, accredited or standard tests at our disposal. These include our self-developed and accredited methods CERTIKA adhesion and proliferation assay as well as many tests according to ASTM, JIS, ISO or other standards.


We regularly expand our portfolio of tests in close consultation with our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We attach highest importance to quality, confidentiality, independence and speed.

All samples are anonymized in our laboratory before testing.

Our quality management system is DIN EN ISO 17025 compliant, ensuring that measurements are standardized and traceable.


Antibacterial/ (Anti-) Adhesive Testing of Medical Devices

  • Determination of antimicrobial efficacy of material surfaces by measuring the inhibition of daughter cell release using CERTIKA Proliferation Assay.
  • Screening of antimicrobial properties of material surfaces by measuring the inhibition of daughter cell release using cost-effective high-throughput screening method QualiScreen.
  • Determination of adhesive surface properties. Used to determine adhesion of microorganisms to material surfaces using CERTIKA Adhesion Assay.
  • Testing whether test substances “leak” and analysis of the resistance behavior of the test germs to the test substances using an agar diffusion test.

Antimicrobial testing of surfaces and antimicrobial products

  • Antibacterial efficacy on surfaces according to ISO 22196 / JIS Z 2801
  • Antibacterial efficacy on hydrophobic surfaces according to ASTM E 2180
  • Antiviral activity on surfaces using bacteriophages as surrogates for various non-enveloped and enveloped viruses.
  • Antimicrobial activity of antimicrobial products according to ASTM E 2149


Antimicrobial testing of textiles

  • Antibacterial activity of textile products according to JIS L 1902 / ISO 20743 or according to AATCC 100 / ISO 20645
  • Antifungal activity of textile products AATCC 30 method III / ISO 13629-2


Antimicrobial testing of plastics

  • Determination of the effect of fungi and bacteria on plastics according to ISO 846
  • Efficacy of fungistatic compounds in plastics according to ISO 16869


Testing of paints and varnishes

  • Testing of pot preservation of aqueous-based products (ECHA test method) according to IBRG PDG16-007.3
  • Testing of pot preservation according to ASTM D 2574 or ASTM D 4783.
  • Testing of resistance of paint coatings to fungal attack according to ASTM D 5590


Testing of cosmetics and hygiene products

  • Contamination of products by means of bioburden.
  • Evaluation of the antimicrobial protection of a cosmetic product according to ISO 11930


Claim-based tests and in-use tests

  • Development of laboratory tests (Tier 2) to support claims regarding the efficacy of biocides in treated goods – OECD Tier 2 tests.
  • Determination of the time until a certain germ reduction has occurred by means of a kill kinetics test.
  • Antimicrobial or antibiofilm active test samples can prove whether they prevent the growth of a biofilm by means of a biofilm reactor test.
  • Simulated Splash Test (ECHA)
  • Stamp Test – Printing Model (ECHA)

> Artificial aging at elevated temperature (50°C) according to ASTM F 1980 before testing

> Real wear/tear/stress tests e.g., by means of wipe test.

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QualityLabs BT GmbH
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Tanja Meerbrei
Phone: +49(0)911/2526210
E-Mail: info@qualitylabs-bt.de

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Bechert T, Steinrücke P, Guggenbichler (2000): A new method for screening anti-infective biomaterials; Nature Medicine

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