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360° logistics for the healthcare industry
Whether it’s demographic change or a global pandemic, the healthcare industry occupies a key position when it comes to healthcare delivery. Ensuring a smooth supply is a major responsibility and challenge not only for manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and products. So that we can work together on a stable supply chain for the healthcare industry, we are again the right partner for your supply chain around medical technology.


Our healthcare services at a glance

The biggest challenges currently facing the logistics industry include medical progress, demographic change and new, constantly changing customer requirements. We support you in mastering these successfully.

Our value proposition: WE MAKE HEALTHCARE WORK!
To find a solution that fits your supply chain exactly, our services go beyond those of an average logistics company. We take care of contract and packaging logistics, the transport of highly sensitive equipment with special transport racks, and the subsequent insertion, assembly, installation, commissioning, as well as the application of complex medical systems and their long-term maintenance. In addition, our 360° service portfolio also includes dismantling, recycling and reprocessing. We even support our customers in the planning and operational management of entire sites.

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