Sioux Technologies GmbH

Complete outsourcing partner for development services in the R&D area for high-tech applications.

We are exclusively service providers without own products. We have a staff of 800 permanently employed development engineers.

Where other companies have stopped, SIOUX takes a step further. With multiplex and excellent expert knowledge from our multidisciplinary development teams, we guarantee future-oriented product and technology development for our clients.

At the Erlangen site you will find teams of experts in the fields of medical technology, analytical measurement technology and industrial mathematics.


Products and services

– Technical software – embedded and application software
– Electronics
– Optoelectronics
– Physics
– Industrial mathematics with e.g. Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow
– Embedded Firmware
– Mechanics, precision mechanics in the micrometer and nanometer domain
– Remote solutions

Your Contact Person(s)

Contact Persons

Arnoud de Geus
phone: +31 6 54300251

Klaus Gruber
phone: 09131 81 29 28 – 30
Weichselgarten 36
91058 Erlangen

Relationships with other organizations


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