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SOHARD has been developing solutions for our customers in the field of medical technology for 25 years. We are focussed on the development of system software, firmware and embedded systems for CTs, MRs and linear accelerators. In the course of time, we have gained extensive knowledge, discovered new technologies and strengthened our product development. Thus, we are proud to be the first company worldwide to offer a Semantic PACS for clinical practice.

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Peter Feltens
Würzburger Straße 197
90766 Fürth

Phone: +49(0)911/973410



Relationships with other organizations

Maastro Clinic


Van Soest J, Lustberg T, Grittner D, Marshall MS, Persoon L, Nijsten B, Feltens P, Dekker A. (2014): Towards a semantic PACS: Using Semantic Web technology to represent imaging data; Stud Health Technol Inform

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