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solectrix GmbH is an innovative and reliable service provider for development and production in medical technology, certified according to EN ISO 13485.

Long-time experience in medical technology and comprehensive know-how about processes make Solectrix a strong partner for developing and manufacturing customer-specific solutions for innovative medical and IVD products. Both for and with our customers, we develop electronic components, software and FPGA modules, but also complete medical devices and systems – in a standard-compliant, efficient and individual manner.
When it comes to developing diagnosis, treatment and supervision devices, we are specialists with projects with a focus on mobile devices, taking into account the specific requirements for battery and charging operation, wireless communication and security.
High-precision temperature control solutions for the handling of samples and exact detection in IVD devices and Point-of-Care technologies (POCT), real-time capable controls in safety-relevant areas, and innovative solutions for sophisticated digital imaging in 2D and 3D with high demands on image quality and latency complete our portfolio.

Products and services:
– Project management
– System design
– Electronics / Hardware
– Software / FPGA
– Mechanics / Construction
– Production and Lifecycle Management

Our products in the medical sector:

In addition to development services, Solectrix also offers platform solutions for the medical sector. Current examples are a high-precision sensor and temperature control system for molecular diagnostics and sinaSCOPE, the digital 3D upgrade for all stereo microscopes. The microscope’s eyepieces are replaced by 4K camera heads and the object can be viewed comfortably on a 4K 3D monitor with excellent image quality. Relaxed, ergonomically optimized work is thus promoted and concentration during work performance is improved.
One product that can serve as a flexible basis for a new system is the SX Mobile Device Kit: a versatile platform for easy entry into the development of a mobile device. All areas of a product development, such as electronics, software, design and construction, are covered.
More products from Solectrix:
proFRAME, the modular frame grabber system for capturing, replaying and processing raw video streams in various applications.
SXIVE, the Rapid Imaging Prototyping System to build the perfect ISP for your system.
System-on-Modules from Solectrix, the state-of-the-art solution for medical applications.

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