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Innovation thrives on strong partnerships and trusting collaborations. FAU therefore maintains a great network with impressive partners in science, business and society. Small and large, public and private, national and international partner organizations work with us on research and innovation, on joint talent development and career advancement, on further training and lifelong learning and many other goals. Collaborations are always tailored to the specific needs of our partners and our common goals.

FAU represents the principle of lifelong learning and pursues the goal of updating, deepening and expanding knowledge in all phases of life through the consistent expansion of its academic continuing education offerings. A wide range of seminars and part-time (master) courses are offered.

FAU has always been a home for inventors. Many things that are taken for granted today were invented by FAU scientists or would not be possible without their preparatory work: the MP3 format, computer tomography, the first synthetic painkiller antipyrine, endoscopy or the hydrogen carrier LOHC, to name just a few examples.

Erlangen is considered a patent metropolis and a city of inventors. FAU itself reports an average of over 100 inventions and more than 70 patents every year. Since 2000, more than 180 knowledge and technology-based spin-offs have taken place.

The aim of the university in the context of knowledge and technology transfer is to use new research findings to develop new products and services as quickly as possible in cooperation with industry and to positively shape social development. For companies, the S-Outreach department with its knowledge and technology transfer working group is the central contact and mediator when looking for the right expert at the university. For FAU chairs and consultants, it is a partner for all contractual issues as well as administrative and financial project management, which is provided free of charge as a service.


Your Contact Person(s)

Dipl.-Ing. oec. Sybille Barth
Henkestraße 91
(Medical Valley Center, Haus 2)
91052 Erlangen

Phone: +49(0)9131/852587 1
E-Mail: zuv-wtt@fau.de

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