Your Home Guides GmbH

A doorbell brings people together.
With just the push of a button. #GetTogether. It is a worldwide convention; drawing attention to yourself and being drawn to someone. With mydoobe – my doorbell – we want every doorbell to remain as it is – wonderfully simple – and at the same time connect to any smart device. There is no need to change the existing doorbell system – neither in the apartment or house nor outside the entrance area. #TheDigitizationEveryDoorbell
At mydoobe, we see people in all their diversity and what connects and separates them. Whether in the home office on a call, listening to their favorite music with noise-canceling headphones, or in the backyard with their kids, with advanced age and declining hearing, or unable to hear from birth – mydoobe is there for them all. The best possible inclusion. #TheEqualOtherSolutionForEveryone – Made in East Frisia for the world.

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Your Home Guides GmbH
Groninger Straße 40
26789 Leer (Ostfriesland)

Phone: +49 15785070130
Instagram: mydoobe

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