Medical Valley GmbH donates 100,000 surgical masks to Sozialstiftung Bamberg

Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in spring 2020, Medical Valley GmbH has been supplying healthcare and nursing service providers and industrial companies with urgently needed protective items. Now, Medical Valley GmbH donated 100,000 surgical masks to its long-time network partner Sozialstiftung Bamberg, one of the largest health and social service providers in Bavaria.

The donation is also intended to help ensure the security of supply for the regional healthcare system in the event of a fourth wave. “The safety of our employees, patients and visitors is a top priority at Sozialstiftung Bamberg. The mask donation from Medical Valley GmbH supports us in ensuring the local security of supply,” says Xaver Frauenknecht MBA, Chairman of the Executive Board at Sozialstiftung Bamberg.

Dr. Martin Reimer, General Manager at Medical Valley GmbH – commercial platform of the Bavarian healthcare cluster Medical Valley EMN e. V. –, presented the masks to Sozialstiftung Bamberg. “I am very pleased that we as a Bavarian healthcare cluster can make a significant contribution to pandemic containment in these difficult times and we will be happy to continue doing so in the coming weeks and months.” In addition to protective masks, surgical gowns that are impermeable to viral penetration, and disinfectants, it was in particular rapid antigen tests that were made available to the northern Bavarian region by Medical Valley GmbH in recent months.

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