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Increase visibility and boost sales
Loyalty between companies and their customers won’t happen overnight. It grows due to medium-term needs of the market and its consumers (B2C), and over years through mutually created trust and the networking of businesses (B2B). At 2be, we precisely encourage this – always with a twinkle in our eye for a special presentation. In doing so, our four core competencies are both the strategic guidelines and the positive touchpoints between client and agency.

Strengthening sales – whether live on site or in digital workshops – has priority over everything else. Competitors will try to take away market potential through sophisticated sales channels. Here, it is important to initiate new, innovative and, above all, courageous steps to define individual competences – among all employees. A strengthened sales force without proof of its own performance capacity will come to nothing.

Brand development (i.e. the whole range of consulting and implementation) – even if only by intensifying online visibility or publishing success stories with real added value – creates exactly this bridge.

Pitch support: When companies decide to take part in a tendering process, they need to shine especially. After all, it often involves large sums of money that will finance companies for years. This is where we come in. We not only sharpen the innovative brand communication appropriate to the procedure for our clients, but also help them to establish direct and personal contact with investors (capital meets innovation).

Digital routines take clients to the next level. Processes become leaner and thus more efficient. Strategies and concepts help in positioning on the market and thus define the visible contours where ability and desire separate. As a go-digital certified company, our toolbox has some excellent instruments for this purpose, which offers government subsidies to every client.

In harmony with sales, brand, innovation and digitalisation, we pave the way for true brand loyalty – in other words, the deep, one might almost add, crisis-proof bond of the customer to a person, a product or a service. In doing so, we always keep the first goal in mind: “increasing visibility”, which in a second, no less decisive step almost automatically leads to “boosting sales”.

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