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AS Automation GmbH is a medium-sized manufacturer of customised machines that are developed and manufactured according to customer requirements for the cosmetics, electrical engineering, medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. With a wide range of solutions, the company offers innovative and customised automation solutions for a variety of manufacturing processes.

AS Automation GmbH’s products include:

– Linear indexing assembly systems: these systems are characterised by their high technology density and modular design. With up to 25 processing steps per linear section, they enable efficient and precise assembly of components. Thanks to their good accessibility to feeders and assembly processes, they can achieve an impressive speed of 50-60 parts per minute.

– Rotary indexing assembly systems: The compact and self-sufficient assembly systems from AS Automation GmbH offer an efficient solution for production processes with limited space. With 12-16 processing steps per rotary indexing table and a speed of 40-50 parts per minute, they enable reliable and fast assembly of components.

– Packaging systems: These systems ensure that your products are packaged safely and efficiently. From handling bulk goods to placing them in trays or boxes, they offer a reliable solution for packaging processes. With the option of 100% optical component inspection, they can achieve an impressive speed of 60-120 parts per minute.

Overall, AS Automation GmbH is characterised by its innovative strength, its customised solutions and its high quality, which helps to optimise its customers’ manufacturing processes and increase their competitiveness.

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Ingo Brendl
Am Börstig 12
D-96052 Bamberg
Phone: +49171 3564965

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