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The ASQF e.V. is THE address for knowledge about software quality and secure systems. With over 1.000 members we have been developing and securing software and system quality for 25 years.


For more than 25 years the Association Software Quality and Further Education (ASQF e.V.) has played a key role in the development and assurance of software and system quality and promoted internationally standardized training and further education for (IT) specialists.

As a network, the ASQF connects start-ups, SMEs, global players, universities and research institutes and develops proposals which take account of the new requirements of digitization.

Over 1.000 members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland exchange information on the relevant topics of the software industry in the ASQF. In the ASQF expert groups, experts and decision-makers are represented in the special area of software quality and related topics. They advocate compliance with quality standards and promote, discuss and deal with current and future issues in the industry. With regular meetings of the regional and supranational specialist groups as well as special ASQF Days, the association support their members work.

In addition, the ASQF is the parent corporation of the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI). Headquartered in Potsdam (DE).


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ASQF e. V.

Anna-Christina Feldhusen
Friedrich-Engels-Straße 24
14473 Potsdam

Phone: +49(0)331/23181029


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