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BioMed Center Innovation gGmbH is an independent non-profit organization for biomedical and medical technology research, combining material science and biology labs. Based on more than 15 years of experience we are your competent partner with international network for industry, contract research and scientific cooperation projects and for university and clinical research projects.

In material science, 3D printing is one of the core competences, specializing in printing ceramics and dispensing polymers. We focus on bone and cartilage substitute materials. A special project is 3D-printing more realistic ultrasound training phantoms.

The cell lab makes standard biocompatibility investigations also on difficult materials and sample geometries, but takes special pride in 3D- culture assays with tissue engineering and investigations using complex tissue culture investigations. The InvitroBoneSpec Assay is a sophisticated replacement of animal testing in the development of bone implant and bone substitute materials. The 3D-carriers and sturdy bioreactors developed for the purpose are on sale for a fair prize.

In our safety level 2 lab we conduct our Trifecta Assay: antibacterial, antimycotic and antiviral effect testing, especially our new spray fog antiviral surface assay with Human Coronavirus 229E in reaction to the Covid-19 crisis.

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BioMed Center Innovation gGmbH
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