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Personalized Cancer Early Detection – as individual as you are.


Our aim is to give people the chance of early detection of their cancer in order to improve the prognosis and increase the length and quality of life.

To this end, we are developing the Cancer Health Monitor, which uses validated, statistical cancer risk scores such as the Harvard Cancer Risk Score to individualize cancer screening planning for patients and doctors. With our strong network of specialists combined with our Cancer Health Monitor, we create tailor-made, personalized screening plans for each individual. Our MDR-certified medical software is the first of its kind to provide automated and quality-assured risk profiling for patients and doctors for a wide range of cancers.

We also work with cancer patients on a daily basis and are developing a digital model for the care of cancer patients. This includes our digital cancer patient navigation as well as psycho-therapeutic counseling. We listen, advise and support our patients in difficult decision-making situations.


Products and services:

– Cancer Health Monitor: individual risk assessment and personalized cancer screening planning

– Digital cancer patient navigation: personal, individual support for cancer patients through diagnosis, treatment and aftercare, with an open ear for all concerns and navigation through the healthcare system

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Curie Science Center
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Contact: Nico Schürrle


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