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The ProCarement Virtual Care Center cares for chronically ill patients across sectors and allows doctors and clinics to digitally support and monitor prescribed therapies. In our care center, medical specialists are supported by artificial intelligence and the latest technologies.
Patients are given the opportunity to stay in their familiar surroundings for a long time with their illness, and doctors and clinics are relieved accordingly.

The integration into existing IT infrastructures is seamless. ProCarement gives doctors and clinics the chance to master the digital transformation, increase their reach and grow into new service offerings. The costs are reduced and the quality of care is increased.
We network the service providers from the outpatient and inpatient sector in the German healthcare system through a platform and give doctors (and other service providers) and patients access with a user interface adapted to the respective group, transparency about the current condition of a patient, as well as the therapy plan. We also enable the exchange of information via the platform, teleconsultations and inter-/ multidisciplinary conferences (e.g. tumor boards).

In addition, we are establishing a virtual center, the ProCarement Virtual Care Center (hereinafter abbreviated as PVCC). The core tasks of this center are as follows:

1. Chronically ill patients are monitored, therapy is supported, therapy compliance is increased and deterioration is detected at an early stage. This enables patients to intervene early and avoid decompensations. At the beginning, the focus is on heart failure, diabetes, depression, asthma/ COPD and stroke, which are large-volume in terms of number of patients and costs. The patient’s current state of health is monitored by portable devices and evaluated accordingly by our guideline-based algorithms. Deviations are reported to the medical specialist in the PVCC and the appropriate measures are initiated depending on the escalation level.
Communication takes place via our applications. In this way we can subsequently increase the quality of therapy and avoid expensive complications, as well as relieve the burden of established medical colleagues.

2. Another task for inpatient providers is the post-inpatient care of the patient. With our technologies, the patient can be efficiently transferred home or to follow-up treatment without loss of information. In addition, our application enables the patient to be further connected and cared for.
Here, too, a deterioration in the state of health can be detected at an early stage and appropriate intervention initiated. This means that readmissions and expensive complications can be avoided, the length of stay reduced and the patient connected in the long term.

3. The detection of acute emergencies and the immediate initiation of the correct measures is crucial for the patient’s outcome. Here we start with the focus on stroke. Our PVCC enables qualified rescue personnel (but also first aiders), patients connected to the center and care facilities (e.g. rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes) to connect with appropriately qualified doctors. In this way, the patient can be diagnosed quickly, the right care center identified and the patient brought to the right therapy.

The advantages for outpatient providers:

The PVCC service enables outpatient colleagues to delegate controls and monitoring functions. The therapy plan is still determined by the responsible family doctor or specialist. Minor issues are intercepted by the PVCC, deteriorations in health are detected early and, if necessary, reported to the medical colleague. Home visits can be made virtually via our platform, if necessary by qualified employees of the PVCC. The medical colleagues will be able to treat a larger number of patients with the same means (supplemented by the PVCC).

The advantages for stationary suppliers:

The PVCC enables stationary providers to offer their services across sectors and to connect patients to their own network in the long term. In addition, the length of stay after interventions and the readmission rate can be reduced, since patient follow-up in the home area is carried out by monitoring, supplemented if necessary by home visits by our staff. Inpatient providers have the option of making medical services available to other providers through networking via our platform.
This means that experts can be deployed more efficiently in their own network and/ or the service can also be offered to other health care providers. There is enormous potential here, e.g. expand the reach of your own catchment area with new business models and broaden the service portfolio.

Patients benefit from continuous access to medical professionals without waiting times and the early detection of deterioration. Accordingly, they can be kept in the home for longer and are continuously supervised in the background.

Health insurance have the advantage of saving enormous costs by increasing the quality of treatment, overcoming the intersectoral boundaries and holistic care.

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Tony Fuß, Dr. Sebastian Eckl
ProCarement GmbH
Äußere Nürnberger Straße 62
91301 Forchheim

Phone: +49(0)176/81670359


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