Realigner Consulting

We help enterprises to become digital, intelligent enterprise by making their standard operating procedures practicable and their processes – currently focused on the field of clinical operations – transparent, cost-efficient and directly executable by their employees and partners, and thus effective.
We do this by first modeling their processes graphically and then automating them, i.e. making them executable by a process engine. “Automation” is actually the wrong term. “Orchestrating” is significantly better: the process responsible is the artistic director, the process engine is the conductor, and their team is the orchestra that plays their music.
Together with our clients contacting us we find the best way how we can accompany them on their journey into the world of lived processes.
If they like, we will show them in a half-day workshop how they can proceed on their way to a process-controlled company step by step, achieve a high level of motivation and job satisfaction for their employees, and make their stakeholders happy.
Because the decision makers for the enterprises digital transformation and the process managers are the ones who significantly increase the value of their enterprises with practiced process management. We have already won first clients and are currently in the phase of running marketing campaigns and sales offensives to gain more clients!
Clients generally give us positive feedback, and often we hear that the decision makers their employees love to work with process management.

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Robert Dannfeld
Flughafenstraße 52a
22335 Hamburg



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