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You want to join the medical technology business or expand your business activities? senetics provides consulting services to companies in the field of medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology and develops medical devices on behalf of third parties. senetics helps suppliers with their business expansion and advises on standards, rules, studies and the Medical Devices Act. In addition, senetics supports the transfer of technology between the automotive and medical technology industries. senetics provides strategic and marketing consulting services for the health care industry and is an accredited service provider of the KfW Bankengruppe. Company founders receive up to 90% financial support.

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senetics healthcare group GmbH & Co. KG
Hardtstraße 16
91522 Ansbach
Phone: 098197247950
Fax: 098197247959




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Dr. Sening, Wolfgang (2016): Für benannte Stellen sollen EU-weit einheitliche Regeln gelten 3/2016 (

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Dr. Michael Wiehl (2014): Funkkanäle messen und verstehen; MEDengineering; 5-6/2014

Dr. Wolfgang Sening (2013): Nachgefragt: Antimikrobielle Kunststoffe in der Medizintechnik; Plastverarbeiter; 01/2013

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