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About Talentor
We are an executive/direct search and recruitment organization for key-, middle and upper management positions. We are one of the world’s top 20 executive search networks with headquarters in Vienna and Munich and more than 30 independent partners around the globe. Two years in a row Talentor has been nominated as one of the top 40 Global Talent Providers.

Why Talentor Munich?
Finding the right people for leadership positions has always been a fascinating task. Not only do professional experience and skills matter, but also charisma, commitment, and the capacity to inspire others.
The Life Sciences and Medical Device sector experiences a digital transformation, successful placements become even more challenging. It takes intuition, creativity, and experience to find and approach the right people. In our digital world, this increasingly means breaking new ground and abandoning old methods. We love to build bridges for people to connect successfully for future business ventures!
It is simply bringing the right people, to the right place at the right time.

How we work
We aim to be the best in everything we do. This includes people, technology, processes, service quality and innovativeness. Among very few talent providers, Talentor has received ISO certification and we constantly strive to further improve our processes. All we do should reflect best quality and highest standards. We carry out our activities in line with our ethical principles and compliance rules.
Acting with integrity and responsibility is an indispensable key element of our corporate culture in Talentor. For us integrity is more important than short-term business wins. In the interest of all our stakeholders, such as clients, candidates, and employees, all our activities are always applied in an open, fair, and transparent way.
Equality is something that our standardized and documented recruitment process upholds and gives all persons the opportunity to apply for any position.
Talentor does not discriminate based on gender, religion, spirituality, national/ethnic origin, political views, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other factor that does not directly impact the candidate in a job situation.
We are strongly committed to diversity in hiring and we share a commitment to combat racism, prejudice, and discrimination within our own organization, with candidates, the clients we serve, and in our communities.

For us, it is the top priority to meet the needs of our clients in highly specialized and complex industries. We offer our services through focused industry practice groups. Each group has developed best practice approaches in their respective fields that deliver for our clients, whatever the challenge.
We serve our clients across all sectors and sizes regardless of whether our client is a large and global player, an advanced Start Up or a midsized family-owned business.
Our consultants use their knowledge and experience in their respective field to deliver the highest caliber of advice and service to our clients in the following industries:

Technoligy & Digital
Life Science & Health Care
Medical Devices

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Your Contact Person(s)

Talentor Germany GmbH
Christine Konlechner-Leeb
Managing Director

Rosenheimerstrasse 143c
81671 München

Phone:  +49(0)89/244186345
E-Mail: office.munich@talentor.com

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