The telephone as a stress and cost factor
Despite numerous online services, ensuring availability by phone is still an important success factor for most healthcare facilities and companies today.

In the majority of medical practices, clinics and SMEs, answering incoming calls has to be done alongside the actual work. These constant interruptions disrupt the concentration of employees and also cause stress at the workplace. In most cases, the calls are repetitive standard inquiries, such as appointment requests or medical prescription orders, which can be handled quickly but cost an enormous amount of time in total. In addition to the pure processing time, the constantly disturbed work focus is also a significant factor in this case.

As a result, qualified specialists (e.g., medical staff) are additionally burdened in their already stressful job by the constantly ringing telephone. Meanwhile, callers are always on hold, get a busy signal, or have to leave multiple messages on the answering machine.

Automating calls easily – with the digital telephone assistant from VITAS
With we offer a software-as-a-service platform that allows companies of any industry and any size to configure their own telephone assistant within 15 minutes – on their own and without any prior technical knowledge or IT-support. Changes can also be made at any time and with immediate effect.

Using a simple call forwarding function, the telephone assistant automatically answers incoming calls and afterwards provides the information extracted from the conversation in a structured manner and with all the individual data required for the user. For example, name, date of birth, address, or even a description of the call request. With the help of the various setting options, even complex courses of calls, which depend on various conditions, can be easily represented. Depending on the software used, appointments can even be scheduled completely automatically if desired. Here we are working with a growing number of integration partners.

It is important to us that our customers have the possibility to discover their personal benefit in the use of the VITAS platform. Therefore, the VITAS platform can be tested free of charge and without obligation for 30 days.
Data protection compliant management of sensitive data

Finally, data protection is a top priority for us when dealing with sensitive data. We are in the process of ISO 27001 certification for information and data security. In addition, VITAS does not process personal calls data from foreign providers. This means we go further than just standard DSGVO compliance, which sets us apart from our market competitors. This will strengthen Germany as a business location through digital innovation made in Germany.

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